Thursday, August 6, 2009

Planning Visit to Milwaukee

Gary and I just finished our planning visit to Milwaukee, the second of four visits we'll make for SIGCSE 2010: site selection (Jan 2008), planning visit, program committee meeting (Oct 2009), and the conference itself (Mar 2010).

It's been a bit cooler than we predicted at SIGCSE 2009, only 27°C, but still shorts weather!

In our spare time, we've gotten to know Milwaukee. There are more nearby restaurants than at any location we can recall in the last 10 years, including two Thai and one Italian just across the street from the Hyatt. The lake was a lovely walk but might be too far in winter. However, the riverwalk is only two blocks away. In case of blizzard, we can all follow the gerbil-tunnel walkway Hilton-Convention Centre-Hyatt-Federal Building-Mall and eat there!

If you're a fan of public sculpture, you might enjoy a walk around the area. My favourite is the whimsical ladybugs at 618 N Water Street, but there are fish, Fonz, balls, historical statues, and abstract pieces around to enjoy, especially along the river walk.

Of course, Gary and I also did a certain amount of work. We're striving to create a conference layout that's convenient and comprehensible, within the constraints at hand. Hopefully, the space, food, A/V, and internet will all come out well and then it's up to Tom, Ellen, and especially YOU the SIGCSE contributors, to pony up the one minor remaining piece: technical content! :)